About us
While we own a range of manufacturing concerns, our core expertise is the development and enhancement of existing established product types, through product and packaging innovation.

While many companies continue to focus exclusively on price in established sectors, our focus is firmly on innovation.

To support this we have established unique relationships with a range of technology innovators at both academic and ministerial level. This two support has led us to acquire rights to commercialise a range of innovative products in the medical and pharmaceutical field. Additionally it has also provided us with access to the extensive resources required to test and market our products globally.
One Touch condoms
a patent owned applicator device for easy wear.
Cubic Condoms
a cosmetic style packaging solution appelaing to women.
Aqua Lotion
a water soluble lotion kind and safe to the skin with unique pH5.5.
a skin direct heat pad delivering therapeutic heat to a particular pain site.
a cool pad that soothes fevers, migraines, headaches and heat discomforts.
Beauty Cream
the worlds first nano level skin care cream based on organic materials.
Relatioship with Japan's leading university 'Tohoku University' provide an unparalleled product development and testing resource. This has recently led us to launch one of the World's first nano technology based beauty cream.
Quality starts with product testing in some of the most advanced labs available. It doesn't end until the customer been fully satisfied. All products, manufacturing and shipping resources have passed relevant international standards and we'll be delighted to share the results with you.
Our team of highly trained product development and management staff are focused on soild products our customers will be proud to be associated with, and most of all we are centered around one simple goal...to go one step beyond what is ordinary.
Our factory 'SAX Co.,Ltd' (100% subsidiary of Japan Medical) based in Chiba, use the best quality materials, specialized technicians and the high level technology for manufacturing our condoms and we promise to retain highest level of quality, in order to satisfy our customers demand. Our strict policy on quality control ensures the company's long term success.