Cubic Condoms
A 'cometic style' packaging solution appealing to customers, especially to women concerned to be seen purchasing traditional condom packs.
Cubic Condoms Smooth texture
Cubic Condoms Dotted texture
Cubic Condoms Mixed texture
Each containing 12 or 18 condoms
The 'Cubic Condoms' range of packaging styles will blend with other cometic products at home causing, no embarrassment with guests or curious children.

On the shelf the unique packaging range attracts attention. Unlike traditional condoms flat packs these are cubic and stand out.

Stacked together individual packs imagery connects to present a larger cohesive and eye catching display image.

Cubic box is compact therefore is ideal to hold condoms. It occupies only a small space to put on or to store. Its simple wrapping, contributes to resource saving as well.
High quality - Made by permium standard latex rubber!
Thin latex - For greater sensation!
Extra strength - Stronger than most brands!
Reservoir tipped - For extra safety!
Slick lube - For better performance!
Smooth, Mixed or Dotted texture - For more pleasure!
Strip applicator - For getting it on hassle free (One Toch type)!