One Touch Condoms
One Touch' condoms are expected to be a big seller in the 21st century!

In the heat of the moment users avoid problems fumbling aroung trying to apply the condom.

The patented 'One Touch' system makes application much easier. With practice users can apply the condom in just one second!

Even in the dark, the intuitive 'One Touch' design helps users get it right every time.

And the less you need to touch condom with fingers, the less you need to be concerned with the tranfer of germs to its surface or damage from nails
'One Touch' condoms are made from a super-thin latex. Available with their special applicator, they are the first of their kind in the World.

In 'One Touch' condoms the air has already been bled out, therefore it's not necessary to let the air out from the semen pocket.

'One Touch' condoms are designed for vaginal use, offering all the benefits of high quality standard condoms, including reducing the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases(STD) and AIDS etc.