Aqua Lotion
While in many countries the market for body lotions is underdeveloped, in Japan they are readily available from drug and convenience stores and market growth has increased by 300% over the last 10 years.For this very reason we beleive it is a right time to market these products very seriously in domestic and international market.
Customers frustration with the limited range of products available.
Dissatisfaction with use of perfumes and colorants in exisiting products.
Problems washing existing products off afterwards.
Concerns with the effect on the skin, etc.
To use body lotions as lubricant on condoms.
As a lubricant for male and female genital organs.
And as appropriate lubricant with sex toys.
There are three types of <Aqua Lotion> each offering different viscosity's.
The pure ingredients are both kind to the skin and safe if ingested.
Unlike existing products in this market, the packaging makes them suitable for sale in any high street stores.
Suitable for whole body application or just erogenous zones.
Afterwards users skin will feel moist and smooth.
Aqua Lotion can be safely used on condoms.
This is in contrast to silicone-based solutions that become sticky and difficult to clean up, or oil based lotions, which can damage the condom.
Aqua Lotion is scent free, allowing users to add their favorite aromatherapy oil and also use it as ultra smooth massage lotion.
Aqua Lotion can be safely used in conjuction with various sex-toys.
Aqua Lotion is kind to the skin, offering many of the benefits of a moisturizing cream and refreshed afterwards.
It has also been extensively allergy tested.
Aqua Lotion being water based it can be easily washed afterwards.
Aqua Lotion in line with the current trend in cosmetics and shampoos has a very low acidity.
This is particularly important when used as a lubricant as it protects the vaginas natural bacterial defenses.