Emo Lotion
A non staining, water based, moisturizing, water soluble lotion which washes off with water leaving no residue on the skin. Its unique, long lasting lubricity will add to your fun and pleasure and can be used for body massage as well.
It reduces uncomfortbale friction, keeping delicate body parts moisturized and slick for maximum pleasure.

Easy to clean up, condom-safe, odorless and tasteless, Emo (water based) Lotion won't damage even the most sensitive sex-toy material.

Unlike existing products in this market, Emo Lotion packaging makes it suitable for sale in any high street stores.
Everybody at some time is going to need a lotion and for some sexual activities its an absolute MUST.

A drop or two of Emo lotion can add so much to solo sex, partner sex or sex-toy play.
It eases the way, adds a little slippery zip and turns great pleasure into amazing pleasure.

Emo Lotion is scent free, allowing users to add their favourite aromatherapy oil and also use it as an smooth massage lotion.
Emo lotion is kind to the skin, offering many of the benefits of a misturising cream and leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed afterwards.

Emo lotion has been extensively allergy tested.