Beauty Cream
While major cosmetic companies have succeed in developing nano technology products based on inorganic materials, Japan Medical is the first to announce products based on organic materials.

This breakthrough allows us to go through the actual cellular gaps to deliver our collagen base.
MKP2 complex direct to the basal layer and derma layers of the skin.

These are far deeper than the usually treated keratinous layers whose products molecular structures are too bulky to penetrate any further and remain near or on the surface of the skin.
Japan Medical has delivered one of the first nano based Beauty Cream product in the World.The patented material that achieves this is MKP2, a complex of collagen, vitamins C, D and E, and isomalted origosaccharine. Its unique ability to reach the basal layer allows it to directly deliver a powerful regenerative effect on the cells of the skin. It's major constituents are:
A patented formula that allows the cream to work at nano level.

The patented MKP2 formula combining its key ingredients.

Okinawa deep ocean water for which exlusive rights are owned.

The result is a smooth skin and outsanding base for makeup, which can be applied easily and smoothly. It also helps prevent dryness and makes wearing make up so much more comfortable.
All it takes is a little drop of nano Beauty Cream, about the size of a pearl applied morning and night and users will feel tension within the skin easing back and the surface taking on a ultra smooth sheen and transparency effect. Because it treats the depths of the skin, its benefits and effects remain, even after you wash the cream off.
Additionally the whitening effect of the action of the reams titanium oxide provides excellent protection against general UV exposure.
We use deep ocean water pumped from two depths (600 and 1400 meters) by Okinawa.
This water is famous for providing a well balanced range of natural life enhancing minerals.