Delivering 8 hours of continous, low level heat directly to the site of pain and provides up to 24 hours of powerful pain releif and deep muscle relaxation.
Using heat to provide relief from muscle and joint pain is one of the oldest therapeutic treatments.
Now, ThermalPad offers a new approach to heat therapy that combines the benefits of heat with the ability to remain mobile and active.
Being extremely thin and flexible, you can apply them to most parts of the body to deliver spot heating, whenever or wherever you want.
Those suffering from arthritis or any bodily ailments or illnesses will immediately understand the benefit of locally applied heat. Constant soothing warmth feels as if it can work miracles.
Thi is by far the greatest use that is made of our ThermalPad.
As physiotherapists, osteopaths and other health care professionals know, there are many familiar with the benefits of directly applied heat, even in the height of summer.These can be anyone whose comfort levels may be increased with application of direct spot heating and are often inseparable from hot water bottles, electric heat pads or blankets.

How do you use a hot water bottle or electric heat pad and enjoy an active live?

ThermalPad is the answer to those who want to enjoy fully active lifestile without feeling tied down.
A reliable, constant source of gentle spot heat lasting up to 8 hours and which you can position exactly where and when you need it.
Ultra light and completely discreet, so no one knows you're using them.
The adhesive backing is in strips with 5mm channels between them. This helps the skin manage and reduce heat build up. It also makes it easier to remove the pads, as well as allowing the pad to more easily flex as skin is naturally stressed and compressed.
Japan Medical working with their partners have hit their target of +/- 3, allowing them to offer a target temperature of 41. This makes ThermalPad the warmest and yet safest skin direct heat pad currently available.
ThermalPad is specially designed to deliver therapeutic heat to a particular pain site:
Often the underlying cause of low back pain is tight muscles. ThermalPad delivers therapeutic warmth that works with the body to temporarly relieve pain and stifness by relaxing sore, tight muscles and to help make body movement freer and easier.
Tight muscles in the upper body (neck, shoulders, arms & wrists) can contribute to pain and stifness. The ThermalPad is designed to comform to the contours of these upper-body areas and deliver therapeutic warmth.
Muscular contractions of the uterus cause muscle cramp pain that may affect the lower abdomen or the back. ThermalPad has been specially designed to work with the body to releive menstrual cramps and associated back pain as well as provide comforting, soothing warmth.