First unified aligned field
Soft medical grade silicone
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While such products have been available for some time they have been based on randomly embedding magnets into a constricting ring. Japan Medical is one of the first to announce a product based on scientific research into actual magnetic field benefits and the results have been startling.
Field unification
Field orientation
Field strengh (Gus)
Position & number of magnets
It was discovered that the action of magnetic field makes haemoglobin in blood to stagnate.This increase the effective supply of oxygen which boots energy, metabolism and results inenhanced erections. However the resulting effects are almost completely invalidated if theactual magnetic impact on tissues is not considered.

Extensive research was performed on the most suitable magnetic field strength (gauss value) of the neodymium magnets, the effect of unification (or lack of) of the directions of N and S poles, temeprature distibution of tissues exposed to the field, pulse rate, and changes in blood pressure etc. MAGNEBIG was then developed, based on this verified data.

Changes in temperature brought by wearing MAGNEBIG are seen on the thermodynamic images below:
It was found that the power, orientation and unification of the field was critical. The resulting product incorporates seven neodymium magnets. These are evently embedded to provide a unified field. Further, the poles have been arranged with the N-poles on the outside and S-poles facing inwards. A new medical grade elastic silicon was selected as a substrate.
Medical grade elastic silicon
Neodymium magnet, nickel-plate finish,
All seven magnets are arranged to have N-poles to the outside and S-poles to the inside.
700 gauss on the silicon surface (actual survey reading).
Inside diameter - 27 mm
Outside diameter - 36 mm
Thickness - 8 mm